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Karaikudi Kid's School

Pre Play

Karaikudi Kid's Preplay is a program designed as an extension of home. As little ones come away from the familiarity of known surroundings and the nurture of loved ones, we let them settle into a rhythm of comfort, laying the path for exciting discoveries surrounding them with every stimulation they need to jumpstart their journey.

Our fun infused preschool program designed for the age group of 1 – 6 years covers through stories, activities, books, music, puzzles, posters, games and uniquely designed audio-visual aids.


Pre-Play Syllabus

  • Skill Development

    Regular skill development helps the child deal with life's challenges as it allows them to have a positive attitude towards problems and solve problems creatively.

  • ( Observation Skill ) Development

    From learning to cut with scissors or hold a pencil to learning to share, take turns, and problem solve, these are developmental skills for preschoolers.

  • Playing (Happy)

    For young children, play is often a full body activities that help them develop skills they will need later in life.

  • Food Chart

    Our food record chart aims to record quantitatively all food and drinks consumed as accurately & Quality as possible.

  • Indentify( Learning The Letters)

    This way once children are able to identify and name letters with ease, they can begin to learn letter sounds and spellings.


Preplay Class Timing (9.30 AM to 12.30 PM)